What We’re Reading: Picking Paint You Won’t Regret

Trends are a fickle thing. What’s in one day, is out the next and is suddenly back in again 10 years later. While that means one thing when it comes to picking your wardrobe or choosing where to eat (remember when Sriracha was cool?) it’s a wholly different matter when choosing how to decorate a house. Paint can be an expensive decision, hopefully a decision you only have to make every 7-10 years, and it’s important to get it right!

While expressing yourself is great, keep in mind that your taste may not be the same as your buyer, and chances are, you’re going to be listing your house for sale at some point!

This awesome article from houselogic offers a lot of good tips on picking colors you won’t regret. Their tips range from how to accurately sample a color to how sunlight affects color, and which colors you should think about painting rooms that point a certain direction!

We’re going to add one more tip to this list:

If you’re looking to express yourself or go with a bold color, paint an accent wall and keep the rest of the room a complimentary color! It’s a lot cheaper (and easier) to repaint one wall when you prep for sale than it is to have to redo an entire room.

What do you think?

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