Friday Facts: 10 Trends Driving the Next Decade of Home Design

April 29, 2016

Excerpts from an article in REALTOR Magazine by Melissa Tracey

  1. Smarter homes: Technology will become more prevalent in the operation of homes, including via automated controls for temperature, security and lighting.
  2. Healthier homes: Look for greater use of low or no volatile organic compounds of paint and composite wood, natural fiber upholstery, carpets without polyvinyl chloride backing and air purification systems.
  3. Disaster proof: Elevating homes, windows with impact glazing, dedicated safe rooms and backup power generation, all provide protection.
  4. Energy efficiency: Solar panels, water reclamation systems and tankless water heaters will grow in demand.
  5. Age in place: Design elements like wider hallways, added handrails and one-level living spaces will help an aging population stay in their homes longer.
  6. All about the kitchen: Kitchens will be the focal point of open design concepts.
  7. Outdoor living spaces: Look for more outdoor kitchens and fully furnished outdoor rooms.
  8. Home offices: Growing telecommuting will require more home offices.
  9. Smaller, better designed homes: The desire to be near jobs and public transportation will require innovative and personalized design in these pricey locations.
  10. Urban influence: Younger adults seeking an urban lifestyle will force a focus on higher-density development.
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