Hello, I’m Grateful


I read a blog whose author had just returned from a trip to Chicago and she said:“… the most impressive thing that happened to me was meeting a local woman who worked for the convention center, as a door person. I walked up to her to ask a question; I said “Hello, how are you?” She answered me: “Hello, I’m grateful”.  This has stayed with me since I left her city. What a great way to greet the world, it made me stop and think. I truly feel blessed and grateful to do what I do, work with a team of people that care “

Well, I’m grateful for our team at REA. Here are a few comments from our Customer Satisfaction Survey of those who had recently purchased or sold with our company:

Priscilla Geraghty rocks – no way to improve on perfection … Priscilla fit my personality to a ‘T’. She has a great way of imparting her experience but allowing you to make your own decisions about what is the right property for you.”

Shannon Heino was fabulous! She could not have done more for us than she did. She truly listened to us and she made us feel like we were her only clients …”

Steve Rudy was pleasant, thoughtful, attentive, ALWAYS on the ball … always knew what was on the market.”

“Honestly, it was perfect from start to finish. Lenny O’Leary is the best! He made our experience stress free and enjoyable. He is very professional and informative – ready to do anything at any time.”

Cheryl Tormey is friendly, sincere and kind all the time. She has a lot of patience and follow-up and is very professional. She absolutely understood what we were looking for.”

Susan Chadwick was very professional and had great knowledge of the area and was on top of everything, every step of the way until closing.”

Linda Gill was marvelous – very efficient and professional. The process could not have been more pleasant.”

Mark Halloran was a great asset in the process. He was highly accommodating with special requests and was a pleasure to work with.”

Jane McGovern was informative, professional and friendly and she directed us to a great lawyer for closing.”

Vicki Kenney was very caring and professional. She was so kind to my Dad when he was with us.”

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