Monday Facts – Picking Up Some Bits and Pieces


August 3, 2015


THE GAY MARRIAGE RULING makes homeownership easier for same sex married couples by making it easier to qualify and obliterating the need for two different mortgage applications and all the attendant paperwork. Previously, different states have had different standards and different qualifying requirements and now they’ll be uniform.

45% of HOMES SOLD IN 30 DAYS OR LESS IN Colorado, DC, California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, North Dakota and Kansas. Homes sold in 31-45 days in Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, Georgia and South Carolina. Homes took more than 90 days to sell in Maine, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas.

HOW MUCH DO HOME PROJECTS COST in your area? will bring you to their True Cost Guide that will give you low, high and an average range for projects from kitchen remodels to window installation.

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