Monday Facts – You Should NEVER Plant These Trees!


May 4, 2015


TREES YOU SHOULD NEVER PLANT IN YOUR YARD – From an article in House Logic


  • Silver Maple are big, fast growing shade trees with weak, brittle wood that may break during severe storms. Their shallow root system invades sewer systems and cracks driveways.

  • Ash are sturdy and tough, but are threatened by the emerald ash borer that is on track to wipe out the species.

  • Willow are beautiful with an aggressive water hungry root system. Their weak wood is prone to cracking and they only have a 30 year life span.

  • Mulberry are the only source of food for the silkworm and beloved by birds and squirrels for the fruit. They have big surface roots, lots of pollen, messy fruit and shade so dense that grass won’t grow underneath.

  • Black Walnut are native to North America and produces prized cabinet and furniture making wood. They produce tons of nuts to clean up and secrete growth inhibiting toxins that kill nearby plants.

  • Leland Cypress are fast growing and create a living privacy screen. They require constant upkeep and trimming and are likely to uproot in storms. The center of the tree forms a mass of dried twigs considered a fire hazard.
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