Monday Facts – Why a Clutter Free Listing Matters


From an article in Realtor Magazine by Barbara Ballinger


  • Decluttered, depersonalized and organized rooms demonstrate dimensions, architectural details, natural light and views to buyers.
  • Many buyers equate clutter with messiness and disrepair.
  • Today’s buyer is educated and usually makes their decision based on the home’s location, price, condition, structure and features.
  • The seller who declutters has an easier time readying for showings and open house and is better prepared to move.
  • Look at each living space with an eye to minimize:
  • Front entry: The important first impression. Leave only the side table and/or bench. Scale back wall décor.
  • Kitchen: The hub of the house. Pantries, cabinets, drawers and shelves should be culled leaving some empty space. Remove magnets etc. from the refrigerator door, throw away old food and leave enough empty space so that shelves can be viewed from front to back.
  • Living spaces: Slim down contents, including furnishings in living, dining and great rooms.
  • Master bedroom: Put away all clothing and personal items. Leave dresser and night table tops clear except for a lamp or book.
  • Closets: Empty by half or one third. Leave ½ inch between hangers. Organize shelves with uniform bins and get rid of everything on the floor.
  • Bathrooms: Clear counters. Remove prescriptions. Store personal items neatly. Display only new towels.
  • Attics, basements, garages: Store only what you really need in labeled bins.
  • Outdoors: Outdoor spaces should be minimally furnished to convey the function. Store kids toys in a bin.
  • Discourage sellers from moving items to an off-site storage unit. Instead, have them give items to family and friends, donate to a charity, have it hauled away, or sell or auction items.
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