Friday Facts – How News Corp Could Take Down Zillow



From an Inman article by Demon of Marketing

  • News Corp can maim Zillow by offering a superior AVM based on emotionally driven decisions, or Zillow could offer an AVM superior to its Zestimate. “Whoever wins this battle captures the hearts and minds of the marketplace”
  • No one has ever bought a home because it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home must have aspects that trigger visions of future life events. A flood of emotional responses caused one home to stand out.
  • A superior AVM will capture and utilize the key attributes of home that equate to emotional triggers. Once you have this AVM, just reverse it to become an incredible search tool.
  • The ideal search tool allows buyers to spot any home they think is fantastic, then click one button and find every other home with similar emotional triggers. This is how a home is really valued and chosen.
  • Whoever launches this will set an entirely new standard for how properties are valued and searched for and this will define where many future Internet leads will come from. Whoever controls these tools will control the real estate Internet.
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