Friday Facts – 7 Ways to Sell an Ugly Duckling House


June 6, 2014

7 Ways to Sell and Ugly Duckling House

From an article on MSN Real Estate


  1. Make it clean and clutter free
  • Get rid of everything on the countertops and bathroom vanities
  • Walk through your house with your real estate agent and a big cardboard box and start packing as you go.
  • Remove anything that’s dirty or outdated.
  • Have a cleaning crew come in.
  1. Consider new carpet and fresh paint
  • Even an inexpensive paint job and commercial grade carpet can make a big difference.
  1. Stage it well
  • Staging can go a long way if properly done.
  • Buyer’s eyes go to the newness and away from the older nuances.
  • Curb appeal counts.
  1. Price it to sell
  • If your home isn’t perfect, you must price it accordingly
  • Price it below the comparables
  1. Make it attractive to the buyer’s agent
  • Offer an attractive commission
  • Offer a bonus
  1. Be truthful in marketing
  • Be honest in your disclosures, photos and marketing
  • Give the pluses and minuses.  The home inspector will find the defects.
  1. Hire the right agent
  • A savvy agent can help you price your home, recommend contractors, and point buyers to financing opportunities like the FHA’s 203 (k) loan.
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