Friday Facts – Notes on Facebook’s Recent Changes


February 7, 2014

From an article by Geneva Ives in RIS Media

Is Your Facebook Page Traffic Slumping?

  • Facebook quietly released an algorithm tweak primarily affecting business pages on December 2, 2013.
  • It changed the way it decides which stories appear in your News Feed.
  • Ostensibly, this would result in more relevant news and high quality content.  Immediately, there was up to an 80% decrease in organic – free – reach.
  • To counteract this impact in your social media presence, you can:

1.  Pay.  For as little as $5.00, posts can reach hundreds of additional people.  “Boost Post” can be used on new posts as well as on recent posts that had good traffic. We’ve begun creating ad formats for use by our agents – with some success.

2.  Make the most of it.  When someone comments, respond kindly and quickly.

3.  Focus on other networks.  Divert some of the energy you put into Facebook into Google +, Pinterest, or Twitter. We have focused more energy onto our blog and video – other venues where we can tell our story, show off our knowledge and showcase our listings.

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