Would you Buy A Haunted House? Today’s Friday Facts!

Friday Facts

October 25, 2013


From “Purchasing a Haunted House” by RIS Media with data from NAR:

The majority of consumers are open to purchasing a haunted home, some at a discounted price, and others dependent on how the haunting manifests.

26% would consider a haunted house purchase

36% might consider a haunted house purchase

38% would not consider a haunted house purchase

Consumer experiences with haunted real estate:

51% heard about someone else’s experience

35% have lived in a home they suspected to be haunted

25% have researched a home’s history to disclose past incidents

Most popular warning signs that a house could be haunted:

61% cemetery on the property

50% property over 100 years old

45% quick transitions in owners

45% unexplainable low price

43% proximity to battlefield

Many of those who would consider a haunted purchase expected discounts:

12% would pay full market value or over

34% would purchase if discounted 1-30%

22% would purchase if discounted 31-50%

19% would purchase if discounted 51% or more

Of those who would consider purchasing a haunted house, the following would stop them:

75% levitating objects

63% objects being moved from where they were placed

63% ghost sightings

61% supernatural sensations

61% flickering lights

60% strange noises

34% warm or cold spots

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