If Your Home Hasn’t Sold in this Market – The Price is Wrong


Interactive maps release by the census bureau track concentration in the U.S. of people who speak a language other than English at home.  58% of U.S. residents over age 5 who speak English well also speak another language at home.

Spanish         37.6 million

Chinese           2.9 million

Tagalog           1.6 million

Vietnamese    1.4 million

French            1.3 million

German          1.1 million


If your home hasn’t sold in this hot market, maybe it isn’t priced properly.


Smoking Snuffs Out Home Prices” – a Canadian study of real estate agents in Ontario found that smoking can reduce a home’s resale value by 20%, and make the property more difficult to sell.  Third-hand smoke, the smoke that lingers and settles on carpets, drapes, etc. after second-hand smoke clears, has been found by researchers in California to be a carcinogen and damage human cells.

The National Association of Realtors applauds the revisions to the QRM rules.  The 20% down payment requirement has been removed.  Additionally, they changed the requirement that banks retain a piece of the mortgage when borrowers spend more than 43%of their monthly income to 36%.

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