Another Great August on Cape Cod

As Cape Cod natives, we often have mixed feelings about the summer: We love the weather and appreciate the tourism, but frequently find ourselves waiting with baited breath for the crowds to thin out and our favorite patch of sand to reopen on the beach. We’re definitely suckers for the lingering sunsets and cooler mornings of August (and September), though August is the more reliably beautiful of the two months.

We like to take a little extra time out to enjoy the evenings this time a year – whether it’s just hanging on the beach or lingering a little longer over a glass of wine after work. Here are some of our favorite spots to spend time now that the crowds are smaller:

sunset at south cape beach mashpee cape cod

Sunrise at South Cape Beach.

Mashpee Commons: We love nowhere in particular here, but at the same time love it everywhere. Our Mashpee office is spitting distance from Trevi’s fountain, lovely outdoor seating and luscious wine list. A favorite evening pastime is to share a couple tapas over wine. Outside of Trevi, we love ice cream at Ghelfi’s and wandering in and out of shops like Spice Merchants, Soft as a Grape, Village Trading and many others. The $25 midweek prix fixe dinner at Bleu can’t be beat either! Sunrises and sunsets at South Cape Beach are hard to beat as well.

Wood Neck Bech, Falmouth: This really could be any one of the numerous beaches in Falmouth, but Wood Neck holds a special place in our hearts. Tucked away up in Sippewissett, the scenery of Wood Neck is different and more wild than at most other Falmouth beaches, and the marsh behind it is a photographer’s paradise. Go in the afternoon or evening midweek and enjoy the beach all to yourself.

Wood Neck Beach Falmouth

The complex and stunning scenery at Wood Neck Beach.

Downtown Falmouth: Yeah, yeah – we know this isn’t a hidden gem at all. Everybody knows about it! But, that being said, this is the time of year to visit. The crowds are a little smaller and the parking situation is much easier. Going downtown is a great way to spend a few hours on a weeknight or weekend window (or actual) shopping, eating and generally enjoying life on the Upper Cape. We recommend stopping into Anejo for an oversized margarita and some of the most delicious Mexican food you’ll find anywhere and exploring the multitude of locally-owned shops along Main Street. If you’re heading back up Cape, take the back way home along the waterfront end enjoy the view!

Anywhere Along the Canal: An entire region we tend to duck during July we rediscover every August for our enjoyment. From the miles and miles of trails along the canal and through the acres of conservation land along the many roads and side streets leading there, the canal region has a lot to offer. We like to make a day of working our way through the region, stopping for breakfast closer to home at the Daily Brew and embarking on our journey from there. We may take a kayak out and explore the Pocasset River and its marshes, or put the boat in the water and spend the day out on Buzzards Bay – just a great way to spend a late summer’s day.

Did we miss your favorite way to spend an August day? Leave a message for us in the comments and we might add it to a future post! If you’re visiting, we’d love to show you all the reasons why you should live here!

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