The Falmouth Road Race

Cape Cod is home to many great summer traditions – Chowder Fest, the Wellfleet Oyster Fest, the Barnstable County Fair, and many more. Perhaps none is as beloved and known worldwide than the Falmouth Road Race. Its origins are quinnessential Cape Cod lore:

Tommy Leonard started the race as, essentially, a long-distance pub crawl in 1972. The course runs from what was once the site of the Brothers Four to the Casino Wharf, the route it still follows today. Over 11,000 runners will descend on Falmouth this weekend, and a crowd of 30,000 plus will cheer them down. Everything from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights is basically shut down as runners make their way along the course and revelers of all stripes cheer them on along the way. The best part? Virtually the entire race is along the water.

Obviously, we’re big fans of the race and the villages most strongly associated with it. Woods Hole is a quirky, intellectual village with a strong seafaring history.

Located on rolling hills and rocky inlets, Woods Hole is the home to many marine biologists and other scientists, lending a decidedly brainy and intellectual air to the community. The compact but vibrant downtown is home to many Cape Cod favorites such as The Captain Kidd, The Landfall and Quicks Hole. Homes here tend to have either sweeping New England waterviews or heavily wooded lots.

Falmouth Heights, on the other hand, is pure vacationland. Many of the homes here are second or beach homes that have been owned by the same families for generations. Everybody is close to the beach or the marina; renting here is also popular with summer tourists. The Heights are considered the area from the start of Surf Drive to Falmouth Inner Harbor. Be prepared to take your bike everywhere and be ready for some spectacular waves during the winter!

Are you familiar with either of these neighborhoods? Share your experiences in the comments! Take a look at each neighborhood on our website – we’d love to help you find a home here!

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