The Best Beaches in Falmouth and Mashpee Cape Cod

Earlier this summer we covered the Best Beaches in Bourne and Sandwich. Well, this time we’re turning our attention to creating a beach guide for two of our most favorite towns: Falmouth and Mashpee.

Falmouth is well-known for its beaches, especially to anybody that has a family or has rented somewhere in the Heights. Mashpee is a little less well-known, but truly a hidden gem for the family (or the visitor) that likes the less-crowded and warmer-water beaches. Though most of the beaches in Mashpee are private (or association-run), we’ll cover them anyways here since, well, we’d love for you to buy a home there!

The Best Beaches in Falmouth

Old Silver Beach: Let’s start with the best – Old Silver Beach. Located on the line between North and West Falmouth, Old Silver is renowned the world over for its smooth, white sand and shallow, warm and clear water. Easy to get to from Route 28 (just follow the signs on Route 151, 28A and Quaker Road), Old Silver is great with a capitol G for families with children. Windsurfing, SUP and paddle board rentals are all available to the public, and there’s plenty of space to spread out and try new activities or to just sit back and enjoy the weather. Be careful which one you arrive at, as there are actually three Old Silver Beaches: the public one (open to anybody for a $20 parking fee), the “Reserved” beach for town residents only (beach sticker required), and the portion owned by the Sea Crest Beach Hotel. All three are equally good, but for the best experience, grab a resident sticker (if you can) and use the town portion of the beach!

Menauhant Beach: A hidden gem in Falmouth Heights, Menauhant Beach is known to the locals and any visitors driving along Surf Drive (or Menauhant Road) as the place you get absolutely giddy about when you see an open parking spot. While the water is as warm here as it is at Old Silver, the water is deeper, the current is stronger and the waves are bigger. Families with older kids will love the sizable (but not huge) waves and small size of the beach. Relatively secluded from the string of other Falmouth beaches, Menauhant fills up quickly but also empties out quickly – everybody heads up the street to the BBC or Casino Wharf. We suggest doing the opposite – stop by the Wharf or the BBC earlier in the day and head to Menauhant in the late afternoon after the crowds have thinned out! Around July 4th, it’s also a great spot to catch fireworks.

Stoney Beach: This one is a treat for residents only. Nestled away in Woods Hole, Stoney Beach is a tiny speck of sand with a large sandbar and stunning views of Buzzards Bay. Head over late in the afternoon after everybody thins out and enjoy a nice quiet afternoon with your significant other or older children. If you have a boat, drop anchor out at one of the small islands about 100 feet or so from the shore and jump in the water. Stoney Beach is the definition of a hidden gem. Located just off Gosnold Road just past downtown Woods Hole.

The Best Beaches in Mashpee

South Cape Beach: The only public ocean-facing beach in Mashpee, South Cape Beach is a large, combination state and town owned beach combined with a state park filled with miles of walking trails that reach all the way down to Waquoit. South Cape is a classic Cape Cod beach, with white sand that stretches on forever and warm Nantucket Sound water. More of a sun and bodyboarding rather than a swimming beach, South Cape has something for everybody. Tourists can head on over to the state lot while those with town stickers use the town lot; in the offseason, all are welcome to use the beach and to bring dogs and enjoy the walking/hiking paths along the peninsula.

The Spit: This one is a secret, and ok, sort of a flat out plea for you to buy a home from us in New Seabury or Popponesset. Isolated and private, the Spit is a mile and a half of white sand beach on some of the warmest and calmest water on Nantucket Sound. With both a bay side along the Popponesset Creek and a ocean-facing side on Nantucket Sound, the Spit is hidden gem to end all hidden gems. Beach-seekers beware though – there are literally no parking spots at the Spit, so you’ll have to hitch a ride on a friend’s boat or buy/rent a home in Popponesset or Bright Coves to truly enjoy this beach.

Popponesset beach the spit

Looking to move to Cape Cod? Give the Upper Cape a shot! Stop by our website and see if you can find a home that fits your needs – we’d love to help!

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