Friday Facts: How to Prepare for a Home Inspection


RIS Media had an interesting article by David Leopold of Pillar to Post Inspections on how home sellers should prepare for a home inspection:

  • Home inspectors typically arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the appointment so they can set up and be ready to go.  Sellers should be out of the house an hour before the appointment.
  • The house should be clean and pets should be removed.
  • If something isn’t working properly, don’t try to hide it – the inspector will find it and the buyers will be suspicious of what else you’re trying to hide.
  • Make sure the attic and crawlspace hatches are identified and accessible.  If the hatch is in a closet, remove clothes hanging below and items on the floor.
  • Replace any blown bulbs.
  • Leave a sketch of the septic and/or well location.
  •  “This is especially important in some areas in Falmouth and Mashpee, so be extra careful to have all your ducks in a row.”

  • Make sure your oven and stovetop are clear and clean.
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