Happening this Weekend – Cape Cod Food and Wine Festival

Can you believe it’s already June? It seems like just yesterday that sun, sand and sunburns were just a dream in our minds’ eye. Well, it’s here!

One of the things that has us most excited is getting out of the house and enjoying the communities around us. If you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ve probably figured out by now that we love food and wine! Needless to say an event this weekend has us very excited:

The Cape Cod Food and Wine Festival at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds in Falmouth!

Located on 151 right before the Mashpee line, the Cape Cod Fairgrounds play host to some of Cape Cod’s favorite events: the Barnstable County Fair, the Harvest Festival, Naukabout Music Festival, Cape Cod Brew Fest, Doxie Days, Green Harvest Organic Farmers Market and more. It’s central to all of the communities we work in and we’re very excited to stop by for some fine food and good wine.

Take a look at some of the food vendors represented – if you want a slice of the foodie life on Cape Cod, grab a ticket to the festival and visit! A lot of them are from our home on the Upper Cape.

Looking forward a little later this month, Mashpee hosts its annual “Taste of Mashpee” event, this year in the great hall at Southport. Needless to say, we’ll have to step up our training for the Falmouth Road Race once June is over!

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