Best Spring Menus on the Upper Cape

OK, let’s all settle on one thing before we go any further –

Cape Cod is foodie heaven.

Yes, we might debate the merits of whether or not Cape Cod has enough true fine dining establishments (it doesn’t) and if the local restaurants have their kitchens open late enough (they don’t). But, one thing is for sure: the food here is damn good! We’ll leave most of the seafood shacks to the tourists and concentrate on the local joints where we know our favorite servers, bartenders, and know when the menus change from winter to spring and spring to summer. As one look outside tells you, we’re right smack in the middle of spring!

If you’re looking to move to Cape Cod, or looking to move to a new town here, read on for our favorite spring menus!

Mashpee – 

Wicked A pizza place you say? Oh no; Wicked is so much more. Locals and regulars know that the full menu offered (lunch and dinner) is where the real finds are to be had. This year’s spring menu has new additions such as tuna tartare with Asian style guacamole and fried wonton chips, and the chef’s weekly seafood specials highlight in-season fish and shellfish. The menu this month frequently highlights ingredients like avocado. Don’t forget standards like their scallop BLT pizza!

Wicked Cape Cod

The bar at Wicked in Mashpee


Falmouth – 

The Glass OnionRemember how we said one of the best things about Mashpee was being close to Siena? Well, one of the best things about living in Falmouth Village is being close to the Glass Onion (and thus able to go early, or late!). We’d point you toward something specific on their menu, but as it changes all the time, we don’t want to be wrong! While the wine list and the entrees are the stars here, don’t skip over the appetizers, soups and salads. You can’t miss with one of th steaks, though we’re partial to the local seafood.


Bourne – 

The Lobster TrapOk, so we’re cheating a bit here as we already profiled the Lobster Trap in a previous post, but between their spring menu additions and the views overlooking Buzzards Bay, we couldn’t leave them off. As the owners of a neighboring fish market, it shouldn’t be surprising that fish, fish, and more fish is the star here! Be sure to check them out before the crowds roll in in the summer months!


Sandwich – 

Cafe ChewSurprise! A breakfast and lunch spot, known for sandwiches, on the blog? Well, it’s just too good to leave off. Located in an unassuming complex just behind Canterbury Plaza, just within a stone’s throw of the Canal, Cafe Chew is one of our favorites for sandwiches, eggs and iced coffee. It’s a great place to meet up with one of our agents or to stop by after a morning of house hunting. Everything is fresh, so don’t hesitate to order one of the specials and enjoy an iced coffee on the patio.

As we said earlier, Cape Cod IS foodie heaven! There’s a reason we’ve devoted two posts to food in our blog’s short history. It’s one of the main attractions to Cape Cod, and a big reason why many people stay and make it their home. Want to learn more and take the next step towards making Cape Cod your home? How about meeting one of our 65 talented agents out for a bite to eat and letting them show you around town!

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