Agent Profile: Joan Walsh

On its surface, the real estate industry appears to be simple: get a listing and do a whole lot of work to ultimately make a sale. Sales skills are paramount, as is some degree of local knowledge. Take a look one layer deeper and you’ll discover a web of intricacies that paint a fuller picture of what success in our business looks like. Many agents have hidden talents, passions and civic engagements. Today we’re talking about one of our own: agent and children’s book author Joan Walsh.

Joan Walsh Realtor

Joan Walsh, Writer and Realtor 

A Love for Writing

Ask Joan what she considers her profession, and she’ll say she’s a former teacher, a writer, and a realtor. Joan is the avid and active author of the Cape Cod Memory Makers  interactive picture books series. Book one entitled Cape Cod Memory Makers Explore the Town of Falmouth, and book two entitled Cape Cod Memory Makers Explore the Town of Sandwich, invite children to explore Cape Cod with their families. Each book is one part children’s book, one part journal, and one part scrapbook, with beautiful watercolor illustrations throughout. Children are invited to document their memories with stories and hand-drawn illustrations of their own. The Memory Makers series is a must have for families moving and or visiting Cape Cod with young children. In

Cape Cod picture book

Joan’s Cape Cod Memory Maker Series

In addition to Joan’s busy schedule, she is the founder and leader of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators of Falmouth, a member of the Cape Cod Writers Center, and the leader of the Cape Cod Children’s Writers Retreats, not the typical professional associations of a real estate agent. In addition to assisting buyers and sellers, Joan has published the short story “Two Times One” and other written works.

Joan’s knowledge of Falmouth is an asset to clients at Real Estate Associates – she can point out the best spot for a sandwich (though she is partial to the West Falmouth Market, a frequent haunt for the ladies of the Cape Cod Writers’ Group). Being part of a team of 65, allows people with a diverse set of skills to contribute and thrive individually, as well as part of a team. Joan brings a cultured and human touch to Real Estate Associates.


Contributing to our Community

Real Estate Associates has succeeded for 40 or more years because of its keen sense of community, and understanding of what makes clients and the market tick. Having people, like Joan, on the team make us better as a whole, and adds personality to our staff. She makes us not just consumers of the local culture, but also creators. Some of us swing hammers for Habitat; Joan swings her pen. She writes the books that keep kids and their families making Cape Cod Memories, year after year. Put the expertise of Real Estate Associates to work for you. Visit our website and find the Cape Cod community that best fits your interests and lifestyle. We’d love to show you around and help you make Cape Cod your home.

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One Response to Agent Profile: Joan Walsh

  1. Linda E. Williams RN says:

    Acquiring a well-educated realtor in today’s market is a must because those wanting to buy or sell are busy people in their own right and need to be able to trust the person, who will ultimately find their ” perfect” home . I’ve been associated with Joan, professionally and personally, for years and have witnessed her tireless efforts on behalf of her clients. Anyone associated with or having children of their own will also benefit from her well-crafted books about Cape Cod.

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