Spring Gardening on Cape Cod – Where to Shop

Our Favorite Spots to Shop for Cape Cod Plants and More!

Cape Cod Flowers

Folks, it’s time to get your gardens up to snuff for the 2013 season. You might have the most spectacular Cape Cod cottage, saltbox house, beachfront estate or fairway side condo, but it won’t look the part without a well-manicured and cared for garden. If you’re looking to sell or rent your house (for the season), it’s all the more important that all your ducks and hydrangeas are in a neat row. Thankfully, the Cape is full of great places to shop for plants, advice and to satisfy your green thumb addiction.

A few tips before we get in to our list.

First, to get the best plants, you’re going to want to stop in as early as you can. May and early June are high times for planting and plant stores are stocked accordingly. To get the best deals, shop in July or early August. At this point, the planting rush has subsided a bit and stores are looking to get rid of leftover stock and it doesn’t last as long on their shelves in the hotter weather. Develop a planting schedule accordingly, and realize that it might be worth your while to make multiple shopping trips. A well-landscaped home has a lot of benefits, chief among them raising the curb appeal and appraisal value of your home. Gardens and plant cover also help to actually lower the temperature around and in your home; standing your garden or on your lawn might 10 degrees cooler than your driveway. Shade trees and shrubs also help to keep your home cool from solar gain that causes your AC system to have to work harder to keep your home cool.

Cape Cod Flowers

Plantings add curb appeal and make your Cape Cod home more enjoyable!

Without further ado, on to the stores!
Mahoney’s East Falmouth – Let’s start with the biggest one on the block. Mahoney’s in East Falmouth is one of the bigger nurseries on Cape Cod, and part of a chain of nurseries across Massachusetts. They have virtually very plant under the sun that will grow in our climate and all your other garden needs (soil, tools, equipment) as well. Mahoney’s frequently hosts in-store classes and workshops, and their website is chock full of tips, tricks and advice. Be sure to check out their blog for up-to-date gardening tips and news about the goings-on in their stores.

Cape Cod Wholesale Nursery East Falmouth – Don’t blink or you’ll blow right past this gem of a nursery. Tucked just off Route 28 on Martin Road, the Cape Cod Wholesale Nursery has some of the best plant deals on Cape Cod. You’ll find beautiful plants here for significantly less than you’d pay elsewhere on the Upper Cape, and their plants are known to be especially hardy and healthy. For those of you down here a lot, this is the perfect stop. You’ll never know what they’re going to have in stock and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Be aware – they close up shop in July and are done for the season until next spring, so come early and come often.

Scenic Roots Sandwich – Don’t let the clever name fool you – Scenic Roots is one of the best full-service lawn and garden centers on Cape Cod. Located on scenic Route 6A (hence the name), Scenic Roots has a full selection of standard garden plants and needs, but what really sets them apart is their super-knowledgable staff and wide selection of rare and unusual plants. Thanks to their years and years of local knowledge, Scenic Roots’ plants thrive in Cape Cod’s sometime unforgiving soil. Many of their plants are sourced locally and their knowledge of plant life on Cape Cod is second to none.

Crow Farm East Sandwich – Crow Farm practically defines the term “hidden gem.” Though primarily a farm stand, Crow Farm sells lush hanging flowers and flowers suitable for bed plantings. This is definite “visit again” spot, as their fruits, vegetables and prepared foods are well worth making the trip for. A family-run business, Crow Farm is a great place to stop before hosting a cookout or just to touch up the home for guests.

Spencer’s Garden Center Bourne – Known for going the extra mile, Spencer’s Garden Center has some of the highest-quality annuals and perennials around. Their owner handpicks much of the plant stock, resulting in consistent high quality plants that last and bloom every year. Spencer’s staff is helpful to the point of knowing what color hydrangea works best in each community based on the acidity in the soil. They also carry a wide range of soils and garden apparel, making Spencer’s a place you should stop at the beginning of the season to make sure you’re ready. Located just off Route 28 on Clay Pond Road, Spencer’s is convenient for folks living in Bourne, Cataumet or North and West Falmouth.

We love living on Cape Cod, and know you will too. If you’re in the market for a new place to call home or a retreat your family will cherish for generations, give us a call or check out our website at www.capecodhouses.com. Our 65 agents live and work on the Upper Cape and know the communities inside and out. We’re more than happy to point you towards the right town, village or neighborhood that suits your interests and needs.

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