Friday Facts August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012


  • According to the National Association of Realtors, Deutsche Bans says there have been 7 false housing market recoveries in the last 6 years, but analysts and economists are more optimistic that the current recovery will stick.


  • A Real Estate Buyer Agent Council survey shows that the top 3 obstacles preventing home buyers from completing a home purchase were:
  1. Economic insecurity
  2. Difficulties in obtaining financing
  3. Problems selling current home


  • From an Inman News article by Tara Nicholle Nelson:  5 questions to ask your agent during the buying process:
  1. Do you know a good mortgage broker, inspector, painter, electrician …?
  2. What should I expect?  (Related questions:  What happens next?  What’s the margin of error in the cost analysis?)
  3. What are different ways to look at this?  (Related questions:  What are the pros and cons?  What can I ask for?)
  4. How do you buy a house?  (Customized to your local area and tailored to your financial and lifestyle needs)
  5. What have I forgotten to ask?  (What do you see that I don’t?)


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