Friday facts December 2, 2011


December 2, 2011


Here are some bits and pieces from the National Association of Realtors Conference held in Anaheim, California from November 10-14th:


  • The Realtor Relief Fund was established on September 12, 2001 to help survivors of 9/11 stay in their homes.  $8.5 million was distributed in three months.  100% of donations go to survivors of disaster, and since inception, $22 million has been distributed for 30 disasters.


  • NAR is calling on Congress to not risk weakening the housing market any further and to DO NO HARM.  They’re asking for a re-write of Dodd-Frank, a restoration of higher loan limits, and to resist proposals to change housing tax incentives now or in the future.  They are calling on the White house to hold a housing summit to articulate a new housing policy.


  • Right now, we are seeing the greatest transfer of wealth from generation to generation around the world.


  • In China, per person income is 10% of that in the United States.  The economies of China, Japan and Germany equal the U.S. economy.


  • Housing accounts for 15% of GDP.  Home sales generate more than 2.5 million private sector jobs in an average year.  For every two homes sold, a job is created.
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